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This plan is designed for those who just require a placeholder web page and email service. It does not use our templates. It can be used as a backup for a website that was once online. When using this plan, you should create a second trial webspace to build your new live site.

Plan Feature Allowance Notes
Hosting Fee NZ$ 7.00 Monthly Or NZ$ 77.00 Annually  
Placeholder Single Page This web plan is primarily a single placeholder webpage, facing the public, and providing email services while you build your website, or as an email only service while you host your website elsewhere. Should you require additional pages, these would cost NZ$ 0.00 per additional page.
Traffic 1 GB This is equivalent to 10240 page views per month, or 2048 people viewing 5 pages each per visit. Should you exceed the allowed traffic, which is unlikely, it would cost NZ$ 5.00 per additional GB. If your traffic is not a typical pattern, we can reverse excess fees.
Mailboxes 1 mailboxes There is no limit on email aliases or forwarding addresses. Mailbox space is pooled per account, so each mailbox can be bigger if you have less mailboxes. Includes free Web Mail service. Excludes IT setup for phones, tablets, and third party email client software. Should you require more mailboxes or space than your plan permits, we charge NZ$ 5.00 per additional mailbox or per additional GB of storage. (Storage limts are pooled)
Content Management Website builder and content management included with all hosting plans.
Web Statistics Updated daily. We use AWSTATS package. Our system is also compatible with Google Analytics.
SSL Secured SSL Certificates are not provided on this plan.

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